Real Ball Players

Become “Dennis” On The Boards

1. Keep an eye on the player you are defending at all times.
You must ensure that you can always see the person you are guarding. If your opponent has the ball, you should face them with your arms raised, and your feet at shoulder width apart. If they do not have the ball, you should drop back a little so that both the ball and your opponent are in your peripheral vision. This way, you can always anticipate their movements.

2. Watch your opponent’s movement.
When the ball is shot, keep a short distance between you and your opponent. Watch the motion of their feet, and wait for them to make the first move. This allows you to achieve the perfect box out position as you bring yourself between your opponent and the ball.

3. Utilize your pivoting skills to get into position.
If your opponent tries to penetrate on the right side of the basket, put your right foot in place and pivot around. On the other hand, if he goes to your left, put your left foot in place and pivot around. Your ability to box out your opponent out will be much easier and faster when you utilize your pivoting skills.

4. Establish contact and lower your body.
It does not really matter if you are a big or small, player, every type of players can box out. The important thing is to lower your body to create a low center of gravity, and get enough strength to push your opponent away from the rebounding area. The thing you should remember is to use your back to box-out, and face the net to see where the ball will fall. The idea is that you maintain your position in front of your opponent to get first access as the ball rebounds off the ring. When your opponent tries to reach for the ball when they are behind you, there is a greater chance they will be called for a foul.

5. Stick with your man.
Your opponent will try to find ways to get around you. It is important to keep a low body position, slide your feet, and always keep your arms raised and spread out. Do not hook your guard by moving your hands back, because you might get get called for a foul.

It is commonly said that the team that controls the rebounds, controls the game. Boxing out has been the deciding factor in winning and losing games, and rebound statistics may just be the best objective measure of individual effort.

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