Real Ball Players

The Sky’s The Limit, Train Well… Train Smart.

One question I’d ask myself daily, before, during and after workouts was: Am I training according to my aspirations? I would really think about that question. It was always a great motivator for me because the question really demands TRUTH over HARMONY from yourself.

If you’re honest about your aspirations, then you’ll either not do the workout or go through it with zest.

Training – day in and day out – is demanding and tough on your body. This is especially true of an athlete’s body that’s already a bit broken from overuse. Be sure to include rest times and rest days in there. Athletes should be doing everything possible to recover quickly, whether through nutrition, hydration, stretching, sleep, etc. That stuff really REALLY does make a difference.


HAVE FUN! Training should be fun. The fact that you get to play basketball is amazing. Think about how fun it is on those days in practice or in a game when you’re just balling. You know what I mean when I say those days where you’re just in the groove. Those days happen because of the training at 6 a.m. that no one sees.

Go into your workouts with the approach that declares, “I’m going to make this fun.” Add games (even if it’s games against yourself) to make it fun.

“The best competition is YOU-YESTERDAY” –Dick DeVenzio.

Talk trash to yourself, talk trash to the imaginary fans (don’t build this habit) but it was fun every once in a while for me to do because I never let myself do it in practice or in games. Sometimes I’d even just spend the first 15 minutes hyping myself up while I shot, yelling: “You’re such a good shooter, You Can’t MISS”. Figure out what works for you.

Add variety to your workouts. Because I would train daily, I wanted each day to be different so that it wouldn’t get boring and tedious. If you’re doing the exact same shooting workout each day, it’s going to get old really quickly. So I created a workout for each day. On Mondays, for instance, I would compete against my own results that I wrote down from the previous Monday’s identical workout. You could the do a similar thing on other days too.

I’m not saying I worked on something different each day, I’d include certain things each day and some things three times a week but each day I’d be competing against myself from the previous week. Keep it FRESH!

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